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Explore AC/E’s Culture Network

Explore AC/E is an interactive tool for visualising data on all the activities AC/E carries out worldwide. For that, we use the data from the webpage AC/E and from its sections Red Cultural / Red de colaboradores. It is designed to display graphically the impact of Spanish culture in various fields of activity and geographical areas to make it easier to understand.

It is targeted at creators, curators and researchers as well as institutions, cultural managers, collaborators and anyone interesting in discovering AC/E’s culture network. By displaying this information as open data, we aim to enhance the visibility and reach of our international activity and also to facilitate its interpretation in order to help culture industries innovate and foster creative activities.

Explore AC/E makes it possible to obtain patterns, lists and measurements for evaluating our activity with a view to analysing developments, defining strategies and designing cultural policies. It is a management tool that shows the impact of Spanish culture in the world and provides solid foundations for its public funding.

All the data that can be extracted from it comes from the activities, professionals, institutions, budgets and movements of AC/E’s culture network and can be filtered for viewing by type, associated programme and related collaborators. It can be viewed in three formats: maps, graphs and lists. Data can be consulted in real time by selecting time periods and geographical levels. All the results can be shared and downloaded. The data is updated weekly.

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